Come and experience a different way to golf!

Thank you for a great season of night golf.  Lights are finished for the 2016 golf season.  They will resume in April.

The lights were installed for the 1964 golf season.  The course is lit by 57 steel standards that range in height from 35 to 40 feet.  Each standard is placed in such a way so as not to present a hazzard to regular play.  There was a total of 96 wide-beam Mercury Vapor Lamps.  We were the first regulation size lit golf course in the world and the only night course between New York and Chicago.   Scroll through the photos for a trip back in time.

For the 2012 golf season, we installed 118 all new Metal Halide Bulbs.  You are going to be amazed by how bright the course looks!  These pictures were taken over the last few years.